Natural stone is a beautiful way to add sophistication and classiness to any space. However, it can also be an intensive, sometimes costly venture that is overwhelming to some homeowners. For those homeowners who are not ready to make the full-size stone commitment, thin veneer stone offers a nice, lightweight alternative.

Thin veneer stone is an entirely natural stone, created by taking high-quality, full thickness stone and processing it to a thinner consistency. The thinner, final product can then be applied over any solid material including brick, wood and concrete to create the look of full-size natural stone without the added weight or bulkiness.

Thin veneer stone offers the same benefits of full-size natural stone including durability and abundant product availability. It is also an entirely natural product so there are no unwanted chemicals being brought into your home as with a man-made substance such as laminate.

Natural thin veneer stone also comes in a variety of shapes and can be custom-blended to complement your home’s existing décor and landscaping. Plus, considering it is natural stone, each look is unique with natural tones and hues with no unnatural color reproductions.

If you’re not quite ready for full-size natural stone, thin veneer stone might be for you and Semco can help. Our “how to” page offers a full instructional video on installing thin stone veneer on your own. If you’re not comfortable doing your own install, call a trained professional to help you bring a natural stone look to your home.