Pacific Silver Marble Paver

Best described as a polished soft grey and silver colored marble paver. Ideal for pool decks patios front porches and landings.The tumbled finish gives a texture to the travertine which makes it slip resistant. Marble pavers are a natural product with no chemicals and will not retain heat unlike concrete pavers.

Available in a French pattern or 16” x 16” pavers. Also, accent your project with a matching tumbled coping.

Sizes available:

16” x 16”: Thickness 1.25”, 132 pcs/pallet, 235 sf/pallet

French Pattern: Thickness 1.25”, 22 sets/plt = 264 pcs./pallet 4 pcs (8×8), 2 pcs. (8×16), 4 pcs. (16×16), 2 pcs. (16×24). 176 sf/pallet

Coping Size: 12” x 24”, Thickness: 2”, 40pcs/pallet, 12in. x 24in. x 2in. thick. 40 pcs. per plt., 2,080 lbs. per plt.