We’ve talked a lot about adding stone to your home’s landscaping and interior but what exactly are the benefits of using natural stone? From its unique appearance to reduced heating and cooling costs, natural stone offers benefits that are sure to please any homeowner.
Unique appearance. With the different shades and size variations of natural stone, there is no cookie-cutter look to any installation. Each installation has its own distinct personality and can be customized to fit any home’s existing landscaping or decor. Durability and maintenance. Most natural stones are highly durable and will last for years with little maintenance. Natural stone is also environmentally-friendly. You do not have to worry about chemicals being released into your home or the environment throughout the years as you do with artificially made products. Stone can also be cleaned using just water and a mild soap so once again there’s not the worry of harsh chemicals being used in your home or outdoors. Increased property value. Natural stone adds a look of elegance and sophistication to a property, which increases the value of your property. The variety and uniqueness of each stone also gives a homeowner the security of knowing that his or her install is not going to be repeated in every home on the block, which will add to the resale value, should the property be sold at a later date. Reduced costs. Natural stone is a very good thermal conductor and has a large heat storage capacity making it an extremely energy efficient building material. It is able to slow down heat transfer and absorb heat, which results in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.   These are a just a few of the benefits that come with installing natural stone in your or your customer’s home all of which make natural stone a very attractive option. With a large variety of product offerings including an exclusive product, Brentwood, Semco can help you find the perfect stone for your space.