If this week’s weather is any indication, fall is well on it’s way. It’s almost time for halloween, hoodies, hot cider and s’mores. As the season changes, it’s time to create a space where you can make some memories, like on your back patio. It’s time for some Columbus fire pits and barbecue.

Columbus fire pits

A fire pit is the great addition to any home and now is the time to start thinking about getting one installed. Maybe it’s because of memories that come bubbling up at the smell of burning logs or the way the flames cast dancing shadows all around, there is something almost magical about fire pits. People tend to gather and feel more relaxed wherever one is nearby.

Semco Outdoor has all the supplies you need to build your very own patio fire pit. Especially when you have an improved back patio, like with natural stone or pavers, a fire pit can serve as the focal point of your of your outdoor space. Warmth is only a small piece of what a fire pit can provide, it’s harder to measure the conversations, laughs and friendships that will you will build around it.

Getting started with building a fire pit for the DIYer is as easy as watching our how-to video and dropping by Semco Outdoor to place an order for a pit that matches the look you already have. If you’re constructing a new patio, consider asking your contractor to include plans for a fire pit in the original design (we have sizes to accommodate any need).

The basic installation process is really quite simple and should be a fun way to get the whole family pitching in during the cool fall months. Semco has all the stone you need to match your patio, and our team of experts is ready to help you get started catching your dreams.

Drop by Semco Outdoor today, we’re the area’s best provider of top quality Columbus fire pits.