From unwinding with your family to entertaining friends, a custom patio install is a great addition to any home. In addition to increasing your home’s property value and curb appeal, a well-planned outdoor space can provide you and your family with more living space.

There are several things to take into consideration when planning a custom patio install. First off, it is important to work with, not against, the land. If the land has natural curves and climbs work with them. A huge tree in the middle of the yard? Work with it by creating a matching ledge wall around the tree!


In addition to working with the physical surroundings, it is also important to choose a stone that complements your home aesthetically. Be sure to take into consideration the colors that are already being used in your existing structure and landscaping and work with those.


Semco Stone and Semco Outdoor offer over 30 varieties of flagstone and steppers that are ideal for outdoor use. From the light gray color of our Fon Du Lac flagstone to the hard blue-gray color of our Tennessee Quartz Supreme, we have a stone that will work for you or your client’s home. We also have a variety of stone steps, edging and cobblers to finish off any install.
Let Semco turn your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis!