Semco Outdoor is your fall headquarters and we want you to come get your Columbus fire pit before the cold sets in (you’ll have more time to really enjoy it this way), but we also want you to be safe! We’re moving a lot of fire pits to DIYers this fall and that means there are going to be a lot of fires burning during this season, so let’s take a moment to review fire safety.

First, make sure that you don’t build your fire pit near a structure like your house. Keep the pit at least ten feet away from anything combustable or potentially combustable. Remember that fires tend to throw off burning embers, these can easily catch dry leaves, grasses or fuels (sometimes even roofs) on fire. Windy conditions are dangerous for this reason when dealing with fire.

fire pits and kansas city fire safety

Check before you burn to make sure that you have a bucket of water at the ready incase you need to put out the fire or another fire starts. Do this before you actually start the fire. Keeping a garden hose handy is always a good idea too.

Do not use gasoline to start a fire. Ever. Period. Since even the vapors are flammable, attempting to start a fire with gasoline might be the last thing you ever do.

Watch out for your kids and teach them proper fire safety. Kids under 4 are at the most risk of death from fire, keep an eye on them at all times! The next most at-risk group, and this will come as no surprise to their parents, are tweens and teens between 10 and 14 years old. Make sure to lock up that 4th of July firework stash before you let them near a fire!

When you start your fire, use a store bought fire starter or newspaper as some easy fuel. Start will small sticks and add larger kindling as the flame takes. Don’t make a fire that’s too big for your fire pit, you don’t need a bonfire.

Remember that just because you don’t see a flame, doesn’t mean it isn’t burning. The ashes can burn for many hours after it looks the fire is extinguished. You may need to use water to make sure the fire is all the way out before you put your fire out for the evening.

Finally, remember that wood smoke is a pollutant. Be kind to mother nature and use your fire pit responsibly. Always make sure that there are no burn bans in your area before starting a fire, they can be in effect for dry conditions or for pollution, so always check first. Remember that your fire pit is decorative, and if it’s dangerous, you don’t need to start a fire.

Now that you know how to maintain safe fires, get over to Semco Outdoor and get your fire pit kit before it’s too cold!