Mosaic is the art of using small pieces of material to create a whole image, and it’s an art that has been used since at least the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia. Today, we use all kinds of materials to create these unique pieces of art, like photographs, glass and even pebbles.

So in the spirit of mosaic art, here’s a project idea for all those DIYers out there! Check out this video from the DIY network that shows you how you can combine natural flagstone with pebbles, small stone and granite dust to create a pattern in the backyard reminiscent of the Villa Romana del Casale (all right, we’re exaggerating, but yours can be pretty cool too)!

Pattern Flagstone in beautiful sunset pattern.

Semco Outdoor just outside Columbus has all of the natural stone, pebbles and basic materials you’ll need to get started. When you’re thinking about putting together a mosaic using flagstone, remember that you can also combine different types of flagstone in different areas to give each one it’s own feel – it’s a great way to separate spaces like a walking path from a patio. Consider using pattern flagstone (pictured at right), a type of natural stone that features straight lines between each piece and demonstrates the full beauty of natural stone while making sure that placing them is no problem.

There’s only one place to get pattern flagstone in Columbus – Semco Outdoor. Drop by today, get your stone, pebbles, a thimble of inspiration and get started on your next do-it-yourself project!