Unilock delivers some of the most striking and long lasting stone in the industry, and now you can get it at all Semco Outdoor locations!

unilock kansas city dealer

Unilock is a specialty brand that offers virtually limitless design and construction possibilities. It’s specially designed to wear far better than conventional stone. Unilock believes so strongly in its products that it offers a lifetime transferrable warranty to the homeowners who beautify their outdoor spaces with its stone.

Harder than concrete by up to four times, Unilock stones are designed for longevity even in heavy traffic areas like driveways. That means there’s never a crack in the driveway, and if there is a problem, the stone is under a lifetime warranty. In the long run, it’s an investment that pay for itself in both time and money (don’t you hate having to spend money on things like repairing cracks?).

Thanks to their unique Endura Color Plus system, the color of the stones is strikingly brilliant, and will last permanently. It’s not a treatment that’s applied to the surface of the stones, instead Unilock embeds a layer of minerals into the surface of the stone during the manufacturing process, meaning that it never fades because it’s part of the stone itself. Plus, it’s coated in a layer of stain resistant material that makes cleaning a breeze and keeps out unwanted and damaging materials like oils and fungus.

Getting Unilock in Columbus can be a challenge since it isn’t carried by most stone providers. Semco Outdoor is the Columbus Unilock dealer that offers the top quality materials and brands you need to make your home one-of-a-kind. Our Unilock and Belgard product lines, along with all of Semco’s very own quarried stone, mean that at Semco Outdoor you have the widest variety of choices out of any Columbus stone providers. The retail showroom really sets Semco apart too, it’s a clean, indoor, air conditioned environment where you can see what the stone looks like installed and even get ideas for what type of driveway or patio you would like.