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The Hardware Store or Semco Outdoor?

Here’s the skinny, if you want a retail experience that’s unlike any hardware store in Columbus, where the staff are actually helpful, you want to come to Semco Outdoor. We know that dropping by stores like Lowe’s is convenient, but how valuable is convenience when they don’t have the quality products that will last for years (and look better!) or the staff to answer your questions about installing them?

Semco Outdoor Columbus Retail Showroom

We’re not bragging, nor are we picking on the chain hardware stores, we’re just the experts at what we do. The difference between Semco is like the difference between your dentist and your general practitioner, both are perfectly qualified doctors, but when you need a cavity filled, you call the dentist. The big box hardware stores are like the general practitioners, they have all the tools you need and can help you when you need a huge range of varied products and can give fine general advice, but you want to talk with the specialists who have the largest selection of what you’re actually seeking already in stock at Semco when you’re installing a new patio.

Every day, Semco helps people get the patio installations that they want. We’re the best in the business, and that’s why many of Columbus’s exterior remodeling and lawn & landscape contractors choose to work with Semco Outdoor (the next time you talk with one, go ahead and ask about us). We also work directly with individuals who are taking on home improvement projects themselves, and our inviting indoor retail showroom is where they come to shop, buy and get expert advice from Semco’s dedicated team of DIY pros. Customers tell us that seeing what the stone and pavers look like installed helps them visualize how their home will look using the same products. Many of our products are actually on display, installed, and featuring images of what other installations look like around the Columbus area, something you’ll almost never find at a hardware store.

Semco offers everything you need for installation, just like a hardware store would, but Semco will also deliver it directly to your house with a mobile-forklift-equipped truck. Our team will put your stone, pavers, boulders, polymeric sand and any tools you need right you request that they be placed – no more lugging heavy rock around to the back yard a piece at a time! Or, if you prefer, we’ll load up your own truck with as much or as little product as you need, and you can drive right through our brand new masonry lodge to get any installation products you need loaded too.

Our research has shown that one of the biggest problem people have with the hardware store is how difficult it is to find someone knowledgeable about specific products and the installation of those products. It makes the whole experience really frustrating for customers, and the end result is that quality can severely suffer because of that frustration playing out during installation, inferior product quality and a lack of knowledge. Whereas those who work with Semco are happier with the end result of their installation, and they’re not frustrated meaning they tend to do a better job of installing the products, especially when they know one of Semco’s DIY expert staff by name and can contact them at any time with questions.

We’re not trying to harp on the hardware stores here for doing a poor job, we just think it’s important that do-it-yourselfers understand the difference between the specialists at Semco Outdoor and their local Home Depot – where one shops has a big impact on the final result of project. With all of our products viewable online, and many installed at our retail showroom on the south side of the metro, we’re proud to offer the best retail experience with easy to understand pricing and the experts who can offer real advice while helping you pick products that are just right of you.

It’s worth the trip to Semco Outdoor to get your annual home upgrade done right, with the right people and the right products. This year, come by and experience what the contractors have known for years – the best place to buy the products to finish your patio are right here at Semco Outdoor!

Spring is (almost) Here!

Spring is the time for great works to take shape, when inspiration strikes and when winter planning can finally come to fruition! With spring nearly upon us, but while still firmly in the grasp of the frigid winter days, it is starting to feel like the right time to move from the planning phase to the making it happen phase for spring.

If you’re feeling this way – and sure, you may be jumping the gun a little – know that you are not alone! Lots of people are feeling the need to get out and shake off the cabin fever!

Wether you’ve just started planning or you’re already itching to get started, remember that the key rule to making a beautiful outdoor space is patience. When you’ve got the patience, you can clearly see the big picture and what you really want to get done first. Since most homeowners have a laundry list of things to deal with every year, sometimes the bigger picture can be forgotten or just sidelined while the important yearly tasks are taking place.

Taking small steps in your yard every year is the way to transform it into your paradise. The best things in life take time to create, and it’s no different with a home! Remember that taking small steps will net big results as they continue to build on one another year after year. Never get discouraged, remember that these projects are never really done anyway!

A great way to approach designing your yard is to think about it like you would an indoor space, without the walls. Each section of the yard can have a particular purpose, and the features you include will reflect that purpose. Planting large bushes privacy, for example, so you can stop staring into your neighbor’s yard or window (which is something you can both appreciate). It’s purpose then becomes to provide privacy, acting as a wall around the yard.

Have a ‘pond’ of sorts that really feels more like a mud pit? The space might be better used as something of a zen garden. Try filling this kind of space with a smooth gravel or with stones, and in the center consider adding a feature like a bubbling boulder. This way you can get the calm feelings associated with water in your relaxation space without having to stare at a glorified mud pit that only encouraged your children and dog to constantly track mud inside.

Taking it one step at a time, solving one problem at a time, is how you get to having an amazing outdoor space. Doing these projects yourself is no problem so long as you have planned out the proper timeframes to finish them, haven’t bitten off too much to finish in the available time and you have the budget to get it done!

Outdoor lighting


Daylight savings time may be coming to an end, but shorter days doesn’t have to mean less time spent outside. Instead, why not add lighting to your existing outdoor space? Depending on the type you choose, lighting can go a long way in helping set the tone of your space and creating a place you can enjoy whenever the weather allows.

The first step in choosing appropriate lighting is determining what type of space you have and what type of entertaining you do. Remember, anything you do now will still be useable next spring and summer, so think long-term. Do you typically have large social gatherings? If so, consider installing bright lighting that will provide the most visibility. While bright lights provide the most visibility, they are also the harshest, so you will probably want to keep bright lights to a minimum and supplement with softer lighting.  One benefit of adding permanent, bright lighting is the increased safety and security it provides to your home in return, increasing your home’s property value.

If your space doesn’t lend itself to bright lighting or you’re not interested in making the investment, then soft, dimmer lighting may be the solution. You can either choose permanent lighting with subtle, low wattage bulbs or you can rely on candles and lanterns strategically placed around your space to add ambiance and warmth as well as needed light.

There are many types of lighting options available for your outdoor space. Take the time now, before winter arrives to think about what you want and what you need to make your patio or deck useful and enjoyable year-round.

The benefits of natural stone


We’ve talked a lot about adding stone to your home’s landscaping and interior but what exactly are the benefits of using natural stone? From its unique appearance to reduced heating and cooling costs, natural stone offers benefits that are sure to please any homeowner.
Unique appearance. With the different shades and size variations of natural stone, there is no cookie-cutter look to any installation. Each installation has its own distinct personality and can be customized to fit any home’s existing landscaping or decor. Durability and maintenance. Most natural stones are highly durable and will last for years with little maintenance. Natural stone is also environmentally-friendly. You do not have to worry about chemicals being released into your home or the environment throughout the years as you do with artificially made products. Stone can also be cleaned using just water and a mild soap so once again there’s not the worry of harsh chemicals being used in your home or outdoors. Increased property value. Natural stone adds a look of elegance and sophistication to a property, which increases the value of your property. The variety and uniqueness of each stone also gives a homeowner the security of knowing that his or her install is not going to be repeated in every home on the block, which will add to the resale value, should the property be sold at a later date. Reduced costs. Natural stone is a very good thermal conductor and has a large heat storage capacity making it an extremely energy efficient building material. It is able to slow down heat transfer and absorb heat, which results in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.   These are a just a few of the benefits that come with installing natural stone in your or your customer’s home all of which make natural stone a very attractive option. With a large variety of product offerings including an exclusive product, Brentwood, Semco can help you find the perfect stone for your space.

The Soothing Sounds of a Water Feature


Are you looking for a way to add peace and tranquility to an outdoor space? Maybe you just want to give your existing landscaping a little extra oomph. If so, why not consider the addition of a water feature using natural stone?

Whenever water and outdoors are mentioned, the initial thought is a swimming pool. But there are so many ways to add the peaceful sounds of splashing water to your backyard. Whether you want a water fountain or a waterfall, there are many benefits to installing a water feature in your outdoor space. In addition to be aesthetically pleasing and creating dimension to any landscaping plan, a water feature also creates a soothing soundtrack to outdoor entertaining.


Depending on the size of your space, many different types of water features are available. If you’re looking for something grand, consider installing a cascade waterfall like this one using Holey Limestone Boulders. Maybe you have a smaller space or don’t want to make such a large commitment. No problem, you can always do something more simple like this feature using Weathered Limestone Ledge.


No matter what size space you have or what type of feature you choose, the most important thing to remember when installing a water feature is to use a stone that complements your landscaping and your existing outdoor space. Ideally you want all aspects of your landscaping from stone to plants to mulch to blend together seamlessly. Semco offers a wide variety of natural stone boulders to help you create the perfect water feature for your existing outdoor space.


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