Spring is finally upon us!

Time for spring showers, spring cleaning and, of course, spring planting and gardening. After all the snow and frigid temperatures we had in the Cincinnati area this winter it sure sounds like fun to get outside and play in the dirt! If you’re heading out to spruce up your yard or plant a garden, chances are you’re going to need some mulch to protect and moisten your soil, lock out weeds and add that colorful springtime flair.

Mulching is a great option for protecting your soil from the harsh midwestern weather, but what kind do you need and when should you put it down? Generally, residential mulching is done during the springtime warming so it can help plants grow and protect the plants already grown. The type of mulch to use depends both on preference and application. Course mulch is made for spreading in wider areas and around large trees, whereas a medium to fine mulch will work better with shrubs and flowers. Colored mulches add a lot of excitement to a yard and can sometimes last multiple years meaning you can just touch it up instead of completely remulching each year. Wood mulches make for excellent walking paths and to keep areas from getting muddy or dirty.  If you need help picking your mulch, drop by Semco in Cincinnati, and we’ll help you make the right choice.

Mulch isn’t the only way to add springtime flair to your garden, gravels not only look good but can help plants grow more quickly in the spring as they lock daytime heat into the soil during the chilly nights. The Iowa Rainbow gravel, for example, is a fun and useful addition to any garden or landscape.