Last week’s blog discussed adding curb appeal to your home’s front yard with stone walkways and driveways. Want to do something more? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to tie it all together? What about adding landscaping your yard with custom stone accents?
When you think of landscaping, most just think of plants, flowers, shrubs, etc. But there’s more to it than that.  Beautiful landscaping can add a new dimension to any yard, provide a nice visual when you arrive home for the day and increase your home’s resale value. From edging to boulders to cobblers, Semco offers what you need to finish off your home’s look.


Edging can be both decorative and practical. Many people use edgers to give their landscaping texture and dimension. These stones provide a good visual break between the lawn and other foliage such as shrubs. It can be used to line patios or walkways creating visual continuity from one part of your yard to another. Edging also keeps grass from growing in your flower beds and provides a barrier for mulch. Try choosing edging that complements the look of your home and yard like this Stoneybrook Tumbled edging from Semco.


Natural stone cobblers are another way to add depth and interest to landscaping. These flat stones provide protection for flower beds and prevent erosion. They come in a variety of colors and textures. You can choose to use just one kind throughout or you can spice things up by mixing and matching complementary stones.


The key to using boulders is to incorporate them seamlessly into landscaping. They shouldn’t just look like large rocks placed in the yard. Instead choose boulders that look natural in your environment from color to kind to size. We also suggest placing boulders in groups as opposed to individually and planting it into the ground as opposed to just sitting it on top. Boulders can also be used in outdoor water features such as this one using Holey Limestone boulders. Keep in mind that boulders are a big commitment due to the size and so it’s best to have a plan before the boulders are placed.


No matter your budget well-planned and well-maintained landscaping can really tie the look of a home together. Remember the key to good landscaping is making it look as natural as possible. From the plants to the stone, proper landscaping will add value to your home for years to come.