Barbecuing meats is, perhaps, the manliest of all ventures. If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be something about barbecuing that men just love. Maybe it’s the atmosphere around a barbecue or being able to proudly share foods that have been painstakingly, lovingly prepared over the course of many hours for the whole family or even the whole neighborhood. There is something primal about smoking and grilling meats, and there is so much culture around the barbecue for everyone to enjoy (even if they’re not cooking or eating).

If you’ve been waiting to find the right holiday gift for him, or the other aspiring chefs in your life, look no further than the Traeger Texas series grill. It’s the behemoth of home grilling universe, a legend among legends that is as equally suited to being a grill as it is a smoker.

The Traeger Texas is no mere propane grill, its designers had a different vision – using real wood to smoke and cook meats, and with the convenience of the modern age, the Texas is truly the grill for the modern master of meats. It’s wood pellet auger-fed burner automatically feeds the grill with the wood you need to maintain a consistent temperature. Since true barbecue devotees don’t look while the food is cooking, having the digital thermostat to control the temperature and share it with the grillmaster will help stem the desire to peek. An EZ-drain grease system makes cleanup effortless and the electric start fires it right up again in no time.

Traeger Grills for a Christmas Gift

With 696 sq. in. of cooking space, he really will be able to feed a small army. With this much grill space, you could smoke a full chicken, 5 racks of ribs and still have, a smattering of wings and still have room left over to heat up the barbecue baked beans! Of course, not everyone needs that much space, which is where Lil’ Tex comes in, offering same set of features but with a 418 sq. in. cooking and smoking surface.

Art is the act of taking pieces that would otherwise be bland and meaningless on their own and creating something unique, out of love, for people to gather around and enjoy or talk about. If his art form is barbecue, give him the best easel around, the Traeger Texas and Lil’ Tex.

Available this holiday season from Semco Outdoor. Learn more online or call Semco for additional details.