Semco Outdoor is wishing everyone a happy holidays! Wether you’re at home with your family, out celebrating with friends or heading to get those last minute holiday gifts, may you have a joyous holiday season!

Lots of folks start to lay out goals for the next year during this time, and we’re no different. Next year, we’ll be working hard to bring in new customers and serve our current customers even further above the level they expect. Thanks for being a part of our growth!

If one of your goals is to focus on making your home all that it can be, then Semco is your indoor and outdoor transformation hub. We’ve got everything you need to improve your home in our huge stone yard and masonry lodge.

Having a home that reflects how you want to feel is the key to building happiness. Peace inside is often reflected by peace outside. Your home makes a statement about who you are and how you like to interact with the world around you. When you use Semco stone, especially our fine flagstone and natural stone, you create a space where you can release negativity and find calm. Others will know what you use your space for as well, just from the way it feels.

Next year, we’re going to be helping our retail customers create these spaces. Our New Years resolution is to make your stone buying experience even easier and perfectly tailored to your needs. With easy delivery, all the extras you need to install the stone, and a customer experience center where you can see what it will look like before you buy, planning to make your house into a true home is now a seamless process at Semco Outdoor.

Come see for yourself, and get ready for a great 2015! We can’t wait to see you in our showroom, where we turn your dream home into your actual home!